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New: F-2981 LED Lighting

Posted on November 05, 2014 | 0 comments

The NEW Flashmate II F-2981 incorporates high color rendering index value of over 95. This makes sure that your photos appear more vivid, and that the subject's colors are rendered accurately. It is a lightweight, powerful on-camera continuous LED source that uses special Matrix Lighting technology to light your subject evenly, edge-to-edge without hot spots. As expected and promised, GiSTEQ expanded its product line once again by upgrading the original Flashmate F-198 Photo / Video LED Lighting unit to a higher quality light for the same affordable price!


You can use readily available AA batteries in the body of the unit without an adapter and switch at will to your Sony-type NP-F50, NP-FM55H or NP-FH60 camcorder batteries. Another unique feature is the ability to gang up to nine Flashmate II F-2981's together to form a large panel.  

The GiSTEQ™ Flashmate II F-2981 comes with an easy color temperature adjustment wheel, which can easily go from daylight, (warm 3200K color) tungsten (cool 5500K color), or anywhere in between, simply by turning a wheel!


What is True And Natural Color rendering?

Color is accurately perceived by measuring a light sources’ “Color Rendering Index.” This means that varying color temperatures directly determine how subject’s colors will look in a photograph. By definition, pure sunlight possesses the highest CRI value of 100. This means that any colored object viewed in that light source will be viewed with 100% color accuracy. GiSTEQ Flashmate II Lighting Systems feature a CRI value of 95+, the highest CRI value for LED Lights. This kind of brightness makes your subjects appear more vivid, natural, and truer to its appearance. Using the GiSTEQ Flashmate II Lighting System is like being able to harness the brightness of the sun within a small and compact unit!

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