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New: N101 Macro Light

Posted on November 07, 2014 | 0 comments

The NEW Flashmate II N101 Macro Ring Flash & Continuous Steady Lighting Solution For Canon or Nikon incorporates high color rendering index value of over 95. This makes sure that your photos appear more vivid, and that the subject's colors are rendered accurately. By utilizing 100 high-quality LEDs in a compact ring, the layout realizes higher coverage within a small area. This makes the Flashmate II Ringflash perfect for macro photography. It also doubles the light output compared to the previous models. As expected and promised, GiSTEQ expanded its product line once again by upgrading the original Flashmate F-60 Macro Lighting System to a higher quality light for the same affordable price!


This current model of the Ringflash includes full and half mode in both ambience and flash coverage for creative shootings. It comes with a unique ring mount bracket and eight lens adapter rings to make sure that this unit is ready to work when you are!


What is True And Natural Color rendering?

Color is accurately perceived by measuring a light sources’ “Color Rendering Index.” This means that varying color temperatures directly determine how subject’s colors will look in a photograph. By definition, pure sunlight possesses the highest CRI value of 100. This means that any colored object viewed in that light source will be viewed with 100% color accuracy. GiSTEQ Flashmate II Lighting Systems feature a CRI value of 95+, the highest CRI value for LED Lights. This kind of brightness makes your subjects appear more vivid, natural, and truer to its appearance. Using the GiSTEQ Flashmate II Lighting System is like being able to harness the brightness of the sun within a small and compact unit!

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