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Review: Tom and Lisa Cuchara, Photographers (BreaPhotos.Com)

Posted on June 11, 2014

The Gisteq Flashmate LED Light -- We use this light ALL the time! 

I consider it a staple that everyone should have in their camera bag. This model is the best, it has a dial that controls the amount of light. It has another dial that controls the temperature of the light. It is easy to use, gives off even light edge-to-edge, can be mounted to a light stand or gorilla pod if desired, uses AA batteries and is very controllable / customizable as to light output.

We use it to light up a person (like our model at Grand Central Terminal), we use it for flowers and macoo work, we use it to light the top of subjects on our lightbox, we use it for inside in dark abandoned buildings, like inside the Lonaconing Silk Mill -- it is an awesome light!! Again, I consider it a staple that everyone should have in their camera bag.

My first time using this light was at the Lonaconing Silk Mill. Friends Cheryl and Drea had one and Cheryl loaned it to me and my world changed. I was in the dark basement with HDR exposures running 5, 10, 15 minutes long even at 1000 ISO. I would not have captured this image of the dark cabinet without this LED light.

We brought this LED light with us to Grand Central for our model workshop. 
This image was a 7 exposure HDR with the light shining on Gianna's face. 
These next three were also possible due to the LED light, they were in a dark basement of an abandoned building.
I love using the light to make shadows!
Source: http://necccnews.blogspot.com/, www.breaphotos.com
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