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Reseller Program

Reselling opportunities are now available for GiSTEQ Products! We are committed to assisting our resellers with marketing programs and sales tools designed to supplement your product knowledge and reinforce your sales efforts, as well as correctly inform your customers about our products.


Our success is largely due to the technical and sales expertise of our resellers. They are a factor in determining customer needs and finding the most effective solution. Through their help, we are able to expand our inventory of cutting-edge products to provide consumers with the best possible accessory that is available in the consumer market.


We are currently looking for resellers in France, Germany, Italy and other major countries in Europe. Please contact us at reseller@gisteq.com for details.


For inquiries about the GiSTEQ reseller program, please email to reseller@gisteq.com


To apply for GiSTEQ Authorized Dealer, please complete the GiSTEQ Reseller Application Form and return it back to us for evaluation. The application form can be emailed to reseller@gisteq.com


Click here to download GiSTEQ Reseller Application Form.

Program Benefits

On-going Communication

You'll receive advance notification of all new products and technologies, product promotions, and upcoming events through our GiSTEQ Reseller E-Newsletter. The newsletter keeps you up-to-date on GiSTEQ’s product offering, new technologies, price changes and events.

Pre-sales Support

You'll have direct access to GiSTEQ’s experienced pre-sales support representatives. Pre-Sales support is available during regular working hours to assist you with any technical sales questions.

Free Sales Training

GiSTEQ conducts free technical training all year long. You'll gain invaluable technical information and sales tips on our hottest products.  We are glad to offer you any technical training per request.

Competitive Pricing and Immediate Product Delivery

You'll receive competitive pricing and immediate product delivery through our distribution channel. There is no required minimum order, except that required by the distributor.

Demo Equipment Purchase Program

You are eligible to purchase GiSTEQ demo equipment at 40 percent off of list price.   This “not-for-resale” product allows you to install and demonstrate GiSTEQ solutions to your key customers.  In addition, it provides an opportunity for you, or your employees, to purchase GiSTEQ products at incredibly reduced prices.  We want you to experience, first hand, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

How To Sign Up

Simply download and fill out our GiSTEQ Reseller Application (a PDF file), and send it back to us. Within days, you’ll gain the competitive advantages of being a part of the GiSTEQ Reseller Program.

GiSTEQ knows that our success depends on your success. That’s why you’ll gain better support, bigger sales, and greater profits by becoming a GiSTEQ Reseller today.

To become authorized, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Sign up for our GiSTEQ Reseller Program
  2. Familiarize yourself with GiSTEQ products either by attending a sales training or via your own self-training program.
  3. Adhere to our MAP* (Minimum Advertised Price) or MSRP pricing policy for Internet advertising of GiSTEQ products.

 * Call your GiSTEQ sales representative for MAP pricing.

Once authorized, GiSTEQ Resellers are recognized as having the expertise to sell and install GiSTEQ solutions. In addition, GiSTEQ Authorized Resellers will have access to additional training, special offers, sales leads, and up-to-the-minute product and program information.

If you'd like to become GiSTEQ Products Authorized, simply sign up as a GiSTEQ Reseller today. If you are interested in becoming authorized and would like to be trained, simply email to reseller@gisteq.com to schedule a training session.

Tech Support

GiSTEQ provides email support during normal business hours, Pacific Zone time, Monday through Friday.  A reasonable effort will be made to assist the Dealer or end-user to identify, verify, report and resolve problems experienced in using the Products.


Email: support@gisteq.com

  • Send us a message, please be polite!:
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